Dec 16 2011

Creating Psychic Boundaries

We are all connected in one way or another and as we share our lives we also connect our energy fields and intuition with others. Sometimes the feelings we experience aren’t always our own. After healings my clients say they feel relaxed, clear -headed and yet more alert. I usually attribute this to clearing psychic debris that is not only theirs but also the psychic energy of the people that they come in contact with. When I talk to most of my clients about psychic boundaries they usually give me a blank look and say “What does that mean?”  For myself I have found that having clear psychic boundaries is imperative if you want an accurate assesment of reality.

Growing up  as a clairsentient I was under the impression that what I felt from people was what they thought about me. I know now that I had little to no psychic boundaries as a child and was really “feeling”, or picking up, deep negative thoughts hidden in peoples’ subconscious.

You can feel depressed, confused, emotionally erratic, spacey and even angry when you have poor psychic boundaries. I will be teaching more about this in my  “Developing your Intuition class” I will be starting in January, but before then, here’s a few tips for creating healthy psychic barriers between you and the rest of the world, be they loved ones or strangers you pass on the street.

1. Ground yourself by envisioning roots coming from your feet into the Earth to its core,  releasing any negative or buzzy energy you might be feeling into the core of the earth, revitalizing your energy by envisioning that you are pulling in solid healthy earth energy.

2. Visualize golden, pink, or violet light surrounding your body to protect yourself from energy that feels like it might affect your personal bliss in any way. See a circle of colored light around you. Do this as often as you like.

3. Bring your awareness to your energy field. Pull the energy field into you tightly,  feeling all your energy around you, bringing your focus of attention into your heart.  Keep this feeling inside of you always  so you don’t spread your energy out, psychically fishing for answers or information from others, which only takes your awareness away from your energy field and into someone else’s personal psychic space.

4. Keep a small clear quartz crystal  in our pocket or tucked into your clothing to keep the energy around you cleared and remind you to do these simple clearing practices.

With these simple practice you can build healthy psychic boundaries, creating a relaxed, clear energy that is yours and yours alone.