Ignite your Soul’s Potential

Ignite your Soul’s Potential
Heal karmic patterns and limiting belief systems, freeing you to live the JOYOUS LIFE that is uniquely meant for you

Cindy Morris, msw
Priestess Astrology

Having a great astrology reading can save you years in therapy!
In your chart lies the story of your karmic soul journey and the imprints
that tell of both the navigational hazards and the abundant gifts you come
equipped with for this ride of your life.

Cindy clearly identifies the destiny of your soul’s desire, what supports you
on your journey and where you get tripped up en route to that sacred marker
in the evolution of your soul.

The next and critical part of the identification process is seeing where dams
have been formed that block you from moving easily in your personal evolutionary

Your chart is like an X-ray of your soul journey and Cindy is the master radiologist,
able to read and interpret what needs to be addressed so you can live the JOY you were
meant to live, in this your most precious life.

Once these imprints have been identified the healing process is greatly accelerated.

Working in collaboration with intuitive healer and crystologist John Corsa, Cindy and John have come up with a system of identifying and healing that is proving to be effective in freeing clients from limiting beliefs, facilitating the natural healing process.

John Corsa, Clairsentient healer and crystologist

As a clairsentient John can feel dysfunction in a body,  reprogram the receptors in the brain, balance and align the chakras, and transmit Universal Source healing vibration through the vehicle of his own body – opening the channels for healing to begin working in the body.

Healing is a process, a peeling away of levels, to get to the core of the dysfunction. Healing requires a commitment to the process. A series of healing sessions is necessary to realign the system until the system reopens pathways for life force energy to flow. It can take years to create problems in the body and relatively few sessions to retrain and realign the body to health.

The benefit of working with crystals 

The bones, tissues, cells, and fluids of the body are made of liquid crystal systems that are resonant with water molecules. Remember that the body is 75% water! The crystalline structure of cell membranes, intercellular fluids, as well as the larger systems of the muscular, nervous, lymph, the fatty tissues and blood, when the body is experiencing dis-ease and stress, degenerate into a less crystalline form. When the liquid crystalline form is compromised the body becomes less functional and vulnerable. An appropriately tuned crystal, charged with positive healing intention by John, can stimulate, through resonance with the grid the body, opening the channels that create balance and harmony.

Healing sessions address:

  • injuries and acute health issues
  • chronic health issues
  • emotional trauma
  • depression
  • sleep disorders
  • mental unrest
  • anxiety
  • limiting self-beliefs
  • lack of physical and emotional abundance

John offers a variety of healing modalities and ways in which you can receive healings.

His multidimensional, love-infused work can be experienced in the way that fits your needs best. John is the conduit of electromagnetic energy that facilitates the body to heal. He uses a gentle but powerful merging of healing modalities and natural gifts to invite the body to return to its natural state of balance and health. John combines his psychic intuitive, clairsentient abilities with training in crystology, Qi Gong, and body touchwork.


Astrology-informed  Clairsentient Healings for your Group

Experience a deep level of healing with your group.
Individual 10-minute blockage-identifying session with Cindy as revealed in the Astrology birth chart followed by a group meditation in a crystal grid and individual clairsentient  Healings with John, based on the blocks identified in your Astrological birth chart.

Lemurian Seed crystals