Dec 25 2011

Heal and protect your loved ones


After a recent healing I was speaking with one of my clients about how to visualize energy to cleanse and protect her from unwanted psychic debris. During our conversation she mentioned that she had a young child and a family member whose energy could be very emotionally intense. She asked me if that energy could affect her baby, and if there was anything she could do to protect her child from this intense energy.

We are all effected by the energy around us, but children are especially sensitive to the vibration of the energy around them. The best way to help protect and heal your loved ones is to visualize healing light around yourself and then see that light around them. You can use any colors or color combination you like. I would suggest gold, purple, orange, pink or green colors. Gold and purple are protective. Orange, pink and green are healing.

Visualize a sphere of light around you and the other person, or a column of light surrounding you both, coming down from above and into the earth below. It doesn’t matter if you are miles away or in the same room as the person, this technique will still work. Your intention to heal and protect knows no limits, as energy never stops. Your thought is energy and there is no limit to your ability to heal and protect through thought.

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