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Quartz crystal for setting clear intentions











Excellent crystal for the New Moon in Aquarius is Clear Quartz.

(This one is named Sandra!)
The clarity of the quartz reminds you that the crystal will transmit and amplify your intentions.
Put your CLEAR intentions, through your focused thoughts, into the crystal.
Place the crystal above your head on your pillow as you sleep. Your brain will naturally work on your intentions as you sleep, infusing you with brilliant, innovative and creative solutions to your next exciting adventure in the never-ending journey of your personal evolution.

and what a RIDE it’s turning out to be!
And remember – it’s YOUR ride. Make it what you want.

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Heal and protect your loved ones Sun, 25 Dec 2011 20:35:44 +0000


After a recent healing I was speaking with one of my clients about how to visualize energy to cleanse and protect her from unwanted psychic debris. During our conversation she mentioned that she had a young child and a family member whose energy could be very emotionally intense. She asked me if that energy could affect her baby, and if there was anything she could do to protect her child from this intense energy.

We are all effected by the energy around us, but children are especially sensitive to the vibration of the energy around them. The best way to help protect and heal your loved ones is to visualize healing light around yourself and then see that light around them. You can use any colors or color combination you like. I would suggest gold, purple, orange, pink or green colors. Gold and purple are protective. Orange, pink and green are healing.

Visualize a sphere of light around you and the other person, or a column of light surrounding you both, coming down from above and into the earth below. It doesn’t matter if you are miles away or in the same room as the person, this technique will still work. Your intention to heal and protect knows no limits, as energy never stops. Your thought is energy and there is no limit to your ability to heal and protect through thought.

To learn more about energetic healing and intuitive awareness sign up for my tele-class series called Reclaim your Intuition starting the 18th of  January check out all the details here 

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Long-distance client has relief from cancer pain Fri, 16 Dec 2011 15:27:26 +0000 I have been working with this client since November 30th, we have only done three phone sessions together here’s his testimonial in his own words.

My name is Ted, and I have bone cancer. My PSA in Oct was 120. I have taking a Hormone shoot from My doctor and a pile as a caner blocker once a day. I finished 10 treatments of radiation in mid November and since then I have work with John to change my well being. John has expressed how to help yourself heel yourself with the earth , breathing and your mind about the area that is in repair. I visited my doctor yesterday and my PSA is 4. My pain is much better and I can thank John for this.
Thank you


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Creating Psychic Boundaries Fri, 16 Dec 2011 07:23:58 +0000

We are all connected in one way or another and as we share our lives we also connect our energy fields and intuition with others. Sometimes the feelings we experience aren’t always our own. After healings my clients say they feel relaxed, clear -headed and yet more alert. I usually attribute this to clearing psychic debris that is not only theirs but also the psychic energy of the people that they come in contact with. When I talk to most of my clients about psychic boundaries they usually give me a blank look and say “What does that mean?”  For myself I have found that having clear psychic boundaries is imperative if you want an accurate assesment of reality.

Growing up  as a clairsentient I was under the impression that what I felt from people was what they thought about me. I know now that I had little to no psychic boundaries as a child and was really “feeling”, or picking up, deep negative thoughts hidden in peoples’ subconscious.

You can feel depressed, confused, emotionally erratic, spacey and even angry when you have poor psychic boundaries. I will be teaching more about this in my  ”Developing your Intuition class” I will be starting in January, but before then, here’s a few tips for creating healthy psychic barriers between you and the rest of the world, be they loved ones or strangers you pass on the street.

1. Ground yourself by envisioning roots coming from your feet into the Earth to its core,  releasing any negative or buzzy energy you might be feeling into the core of the earth, revitalizing your energy by envisioning that you are pulling in solid healthy earth energy.

2. Visualize golden, pink, or violet light surrounding your body to protect yourself from energy that feels like it might affect your personal bliss in any way. See a circle of colored light around you. Do this as often as you like.

3. Bring your awareness to your energy field. Pull the energy field into you tightly,  feeling all your energy around you, bringing your focus of attention into your heart.  Keep this feeling inside of you always  so you don’t spread your energy out, psychically fishing for answers or information from others, which only takes your awareness away from your energy field and into someone else’s personal psychic space.

4. Keep a small clear quartz crystal  in our pocket or tucked into your clothing to keep the energy around you cleared and remind you to do these simple clearing practices.

With these simple practice you can build healthy psychic boundaries, creating a relaxed, clear energy that is yours and yours alone.

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Healing Cancer with long-distance Guided Healing Meditations Thu, 01 Dec 2011 08:06:35 +0000

I am working with a client that is going through his second battle with lung cancer as I have mentioned before in one of my blog posts: Crystal healing: adjunct & support for traditional cancer treatment. I call him Mr. Eastwood Northwest because of how down-to-earth he is. I can trust him to give me the facts; he’s the no BS type. We usually exchange  a few words before and after our sessions and that’s about it. At the end of our last session , he said something very intriguing, that during our session while I was guiding him through a healing meditation (which I will have on my website soon) and energetically clearing his systems of any negative effects of his chemo and radiation treatments, he saw a purple circular light, an orb,  while his eyes were closed. When he opened his eyes he saw there was no light coming into the room that could have made him see that purple circle of light. When he closed his eyes the light  was still there and it stayed for five to ten minutes or so and left.

Unusual as this was, what he said next  floored me. He described how the light came back several times during the healing, staying for a while each time. I asked him if he had seen this purple orb during any other sessions and he said “Yeah.  I figure if you see something once or twice it could be your imagination but three or four times and it ‘s real alright.  I know it’s real because I feel something from it. I can’t really describe it but it’s there, always in the same place and it doesn’t move around like something out of E.T.  It’s simply there for a while then it leaves.”

If Mr. Eastwood Northwest sees a purple orb of light then it must be so.

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Manifest what you want Thu, 24 Nov 2011 04:38:59 +0000

Manifesting what you need can seem like a strange concept, but, in fact, you do it everyday. You decide what to eat, where to work, whom to love, when to wake up (even if you may not want to). You make tons of choices every day and those decisions create your life around you. When I think about life this way it helps me see how I use manifestation in my everyday experiences. There are many books on manifestation and how to do it and how it works but if you look at your own life and see that you are creating moment to moment it helps you see that it is happening already. All you really need to do is focus on a desire long enough and it will happen. It’s like in Star Trek when they said “phasers set to stun” – anything you want can be yours if you have a strong enough, clearly focused intent. It will happen sooner or later so be careful where you point that thing.

One major obstacle to achieving manifestation is scattered thoughts. This happens to me when I try and get one item at the store and another part of my brain thinks what about that, you need that, and hey that’s on sale, or wow! that looks like something I really need, even if I have no idea what it is. All the extra thoughts get in the way , distracting you from your focus, thus diluting your energy for creating.

The other destroyer of manifestation is negative feed back we give ourselves. You might think I really want to go on a vacation and right away that punitive voice starts in: you will never get the time off, you can’t afford it, who will take care of the kids, the dogs, the cats, the plants or even who will take care of me? (hahaha) All the thoughts that say you can’t, for whatever reason, cancel out your positive desires.

Once you have figured out how to clear all these patterns of behavior, manifestation can be pretty straightforward, the only lingering blocks being: is your whole self in agreement with what you want?  Are you consciously thinking one thing and then subconsciously asking or doing something completely different? And, of course, is your intention for the good of all? I believe God/the Universe, or whatever you want to call Source energy, has a perfect accounting system, knowing what is going on. Regardless of your choices you will always come back to balance.

About two weeks ago I kept saying “I need a massage table to use for my clients during healings” and I kept saying to my friends and business partner that  I could manifest a new table. Fortunately for me I have people in my life who are very encouraging, telling me: “Do it just do it!” This is also a part of the process: You can’t be  completely empowered and surround ourself with people who cancel out your intentions. It is important to have grounded support for your desires. I kept saying my massage table mantra and then one day I thought that maybe I should just buy a new table. It may seem like I gave up, but actually this is the last and final step: releasing intention. I let go and truly felt that if the powers-that-be wanted me to get the table myself, I would. That same day, a new client of mine called after our session and offered me a massage table FOR FREE. No joke, I didn’t ask her for it; I didn’t even talk with her about it. So that’s the final step: let it go. It’s called : Will Let Will. Will it into existence, release it into the ethers, and your will shall be done.

 Try these techniques out for yourself, don’t just take my word for it. Do it, just do it!!

OK, so how do you release any lingering subconscious conflicting desires? It sounds good, but how does it happen?
I recommend Energetic Crystal Healing as I have experienced the positive effects in my own life, for my own healing.
I have found this type of healing to be truly effective, freeing the manifestor in me! Lots more info on
Healing. Click here. 

Stellar Beam Calcite

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Crystal healing: adjunct & support for traditional cancer treatment Sun, 20 Nov 2011 20:12:42 +0000  

 Crystal healing as adjunct & support for traditional cancer treatment



One of my long-distance healing clients lives in the Pacific Northwest and is dealing with a reoccurrence of lung cancer. I have done four long-distance healing sessions with this no -nonsense been-around -the-block-too-many-times-to -count kinda guy. He reminds me of a tougher version of Clint Eastwood. I was surprised that a man of his nature would be into my kind of work but it just goes to show you, you never know and so never judge.

In his second round of lung cancer, he is currently on Taxol and Carboplatin – 2 types of chemo, as well as radiation.  Two weeks ago his white blood cell count was too low for him to receive his radiation treatment and so he received shots to boost his T-cell count. He received 3 shots a week which left him feeling achy and he broke out in a wicked rash.

He went back to the doctor Friday to get a new scan and, to the doctors surprise, his tumor had reduced to the size of a cornflake and the fluid that was in his lungs had vanished. The doctor said ” I have no idea where that fluid went” all I can say is: VICTORY!

Mr. Eastwood NorthWest has expressed to me that he feels the healings have lessened the overall pain, discomfort, and anxiety of the chemo and radiation treatments.
He said ” I feel I am being provided for in magical ways, comforted and cared for. I feel more positive, and I don’t have pain. I’m in better shape then any of these other people I see coming in and out of there.”

All I can say is I feel appreciative for the opportunity to help heal a great man, and in a way, it’s like I am also healing my father, who struggled with cancer in his life.


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Healing affirmations Sun, 20 Nov 2011 16:09:10 +0000 Affirmations are statements of fact.
When you state an affirmation aloud, with passion and commitment, you create the experience of that statement in your mind.
What your mind thinks you will create in your body.

If you are unwell and you focus on being unwell you will perpetuate the experience of  being unwell.
If you are unwell and you focus your intention on being well your body will be receptive to healing.

Using affirmations to help focus your intention towards healing is a powerful tool to facilitate well-being.

I have developed a series of affirmations  that I use with my clients who are having health issues.  Try these affirmations yourself to awaken personal healing in your body.

I recommend using these powerful tools of healing and transformation at least 2 times a day – before you get out of bed in the morning and right before you go to sleep. These are times in the cycle of your day when your mind is receptive and open to suggestion. It is important to hold the belief that your spoken word can create energetic change within your cells, because this true!

You are a powerful creator of REALITY and you have the power to perceive your life as healthy and peaceful



Although some of these affirmations repeat, this order has been very effective in creating relaxation, facilitating the healing process.

I am better than anything I have ever been before.


I am healthier than I have ever been before.


I am stronger than I have ever been before.


I am a body of love and God is love.


I feel love within my system and I know Source is within all systems.


I am healthier than anything I have ever been before.


I am healed.


I am loved.


I am healthier than I have ever been before.


With each breath, I breathe life force energy.


With each breath, I am already healed.


Love is in my system.


Love is in my breath.


Love is in my heart.


Love is me and I am love.


I am healed.


I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been before.


I am always healthier and stronger than I have ever been before.


The love in my heart is healing me.


The healing has occurred from the love in my heart.


The Universal healing energy inside me has grown a hundred fold.


The Universal healing energy exists through every cell in my body now.


I am a body of love and God is love.


Love is healing and healing has occurred within me now.


I am happier and healthier than I have ever been before.


I am healthier and happier than I have ever been before.


As I remember who I am, I remember ancient healing that always exists inside of me.


I have the power of the ancient alchemists.


The energy is being ignited inside me now.


I breathe in love now and I beam Universal God Source energy out of every cell.


The healing energy of the Universe is love.


Love exists within me. I was born with love.


My truth, my ultimate healing, is connected through all healing energy in the Universe.


This Universal energy is working within me now and has already healed every cell within me now.


Love has healed me now.


My healing is the direct experience of love.


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Crystal shopping with John in Boulder! Thu, 17 Nov 2011 19:58:35 +0000 Greetings Star Gazer and Crystal Lover
I am sitting at my kitchen table with my collaborator, Cindy Morris ( Priestess Astrology ) we are laughing because we are both technologically challenged individuals who are now getting great Joy out of the computers we once thought were crazy, possibly dangerous, alien objects from another world!
We just had a fantastic 11-11-11 event that was so wonderful and uplifting. Thank you to all those who joined us. You helped heal the world. We appreciate your light-filled energy! If you missed that event we will be doing events periodically beginning with our Solstice Celebration, Thursday, December 22nd.
We will also be hosting Humanite Tribe events, connecting healers from different modalities, bringing awareness and healing to you and to our family of man!
Personal Crystal shopping day Friday, December 2nd, 1-3pm
We had such a great response to the Lemurian Seed Crystals we sold at the 11-11-11 event. And as many of our clients are also interested in crystals, I have decided to do a personal crystal shopping day. One of our clients has many crystals that are much more affordable then you could purchase at a retail crystal store. The best part is that these super discounted crystals will help support a new family. It’s my dream come true-helping the world and getting beautiful, healing services all at the same time!
If you are interested in joining me for this fabulous shopping experience, you will have to RSVP to us. There will be a base charge of $20 for my personal shopping expertise. I will direct you to the correct crystals for your personal needs and vibration.
You can RSVP on CONTACT page
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Healing cancer with crystal Arrays for Long-distance healing Wed, 16 Nov 2011 22:47:41 +0000 Greetings to You my Humanite Tribe Loved One!!

I have several clients that I am working with who are brave souls battling cancer. This disease is very personal for me because my father just had a very intense bout with throat and tongue cancer. The cancer was stage 4 when he was diagnosed, and because of his various healing treatments and diet he didn’t have to undergo surgery, which is very common for that type of cancer. I am very pleased to say he is now cancer -free. During his chemo and radiation I used several healing techniques, both in person and long distance. I am using similar techniques on various clients who are also struggling with cancer, most of whom live out-of-state.

As my clients don’t live close enough for me to do hands-on healing touchwork,  I do phone healings with them. On the phone sessions I lead them through guided meditations (which will be available as downloads on my website – keep posted for those!)  while I energetically heal their systems, helping to center them and open up energetic blocks on a cellular level. As these energetic blocks open, healing is naturally facilitated.

One of my clients, in Seattle, has lung cancer, and in his case, fast action is critical. His treatment on the medical end is quite aggressive, therefore I feel that I have to be more aggressive on my end as well. I have been doing healing sessions weekly with him on the phone, which have helped to ease his pain, lessen the effects of chemo and radiation, as well as awakening his own healing abilities.

Last night I asked myself what else could I do for this amazingly brave and  coragous man and, like most intuitive people, I received strong, directive messages from my guides.  They helped me pick out a Crystal Array for him, which I placed on and around a photograph I have of him. This is an excellent and effective technique for working with long-distance clients.  A Crystal Array is a geometric pattern of specific crystals that are used on the body or on a photograph or the written name of a person for physical, mental, and spiritual long-distance healing.  I also use crystal arrays placed directly onto a client, but, of course I can only do that if I am working with them hands-on.

Remember that all healing starts with you and every thought and feeling you give to your body affects your vitality. Tell your body how much you love and appreciate every moment that you get to spend in it. Feel that Joy and peace in every cell, in every moment!

Move with Joy

Ignite Love in your heart!

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