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Kid’s Intuition Class
with John Corsa, intuitive clairsentient healer and crystologist
Sunday, July 22
1 – 3pm
$40 ( covers you and your kid!)
Suggested age of kid:  7 to 12 years of age  (pre-pubescent!)

Limited class size: 8 kids and a parent

Growing up naturally intuitive can be very difficult for your kid, especially if she thinks she’s the only one who is experiencing what she’ is experiencing. or he, if your kid is a boy.
John was one of those kids,  just like yours. He is offering this class as it is the  class he wishes had existed when he was a kid.

John will teach your kid how to regulate his energy by learning grounding techniques and developing good psychic boundaries. He will help to identify the unique intuitive gifts of your child and how to work with those gifts.

You will present in the class so you will be learning along with your child and will be able to learn things you can practice with your kid to help him learn to work with his gifts.

There will be plenty of time to play with crystals too!

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