About John

John combines his psychic intuitive, clairsentient abilities with training in crystology, Qi Gong, and body touchwork.

John comes from many generations of psychic intuitives, carrying the imprint of healer through his lineage. He is clairsentient, meaning that he can intuitively feel what another person is experiencing, feeling the sensations in his own body. This is an invaluable tool for proper identification of core and specific issues.

John entered the world in a rather dramatic fashion. Two months premature, all 2 lbs, 9 ounces of him popped out and hit the floor. He was in the hospital for 6 months and during that time his momma, who was totally in tune with her baby and and her own inner guidance,  wrapped him in lamb’s wool, had a negative ionizer going, and had crystals placed all around him. Clearly John’s relationship with crystals and their profound healing potential began with his first breath.

Certified in the Melody method of Crystology John uses crystals for specific releasing of physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual blocks. This work is done directly on the chakras. As the chakras are cleared of blocks the body allows the electromagnetic life force to flow and healing begins.

John is a Qi Gong advanced practitioner, a student of Master Zhou Ting Jue. Qi Gong is one the three ancient Chinese practices (acupuncture and herbs are the other two) that opens up the channels in the body to allow chi (life force) to flow. When chi flows unblocked the body naturally heals its self.  Qi Gong activates and enhances the abilities of the chakras to rebalance and align with a person’s natural Life force.

Bringing in gentle body touchwork John merges his energy with yours to facilitate the opening to universal love. Body touchwork is not massage, but an intentional laying on of hands to the body as directed by Divine guidance. Body touchwork relaxes the body, allowing the healing potential of the crystals to penetrate more effectively.

As dancer and choreographer, John brings years of rigorous professional training and an irresistible, inviting joy of movement to his dance and his dance teaching. A native of Boulder, CO, John started his dance training at the age of 17. While in high school he co-founded The New Vista Dance Co. with Linzee Klinkenberg. He later attended The University of The Arts in Philadelphia. While living in New York City, John has had the privilege to study and work with Twyla Tharp, David Parsons, Moses Pendleton, Ruth Andrien, Betty Jones, Kenneth Tosti, Brian Sanders, Jacque Hiem, and Gerri Houlihan to name a few. He has performed with Parsons Dance, Momix, (2007-2008) Broadway National tour of Movin’ Out, Diavolo Dance Theater, Schuylkill Valley Regional Dance Company, Contempra Dance Theater and The Open Door Dance Theater. John has assisted choreography for Moses Pendleton, and Jacque Hiem. John has choreographed works for Contempra Dance Theater, SVRDC, Utah Valley University, and Scruples Hair Show. John has toured and taught worldwide.



  • Bestgaycities

    Nice site John – I could use some healing – seriously! Hope all is well

    • John Corsa

      Hi Guys,
      How are you!! I hope you are amazing, let me know what you are up doing these days! If you need a healing I’d be glad to set up a phone or skype session.
      Much love to you both!

    • John

      Thank you! how have you guys been? If you want to set up a time to chat let me know. Much love to you both

  • Lindagutekunst

    Thank you John for staying at AOM Qi Gong just for me! I am blessed and feel that somehow I have been given a wonderful gift of YOU! Looking forward to doing Qi Gong by the river .. Linda

  • Diana McKnight

    Much love to you, best and brightest John!